Key Ideas and Methods of Leveling Up in WOW Classic Cataclysm

Leveling Up in WOW Classic Cataclysm

When World of Warcraft (WOW) began to take the main stage of development in simplifying the gameplay, this led to a gradual decrease in the level of online play among players who love the project for its hardcore nature, rather than its arcade feel and simplification of all the main mechanics.

Thus, the classic version of WoW appeared, which began with a clean slate of old, but popular updates, with updated graphics and interfaces, but in all other respects it was the good old World of Warcraft.

You will level up your heroes, confront representatives of other factions, participate in the quest system and grinding, farm raids, or simply order WoW Cataclysm Boosting to get a stable and fast leveling of your hero, so that without routine you can immediately gain access to PVP content and large-scale battles bypassing quests.

As bonuses from the SkyCoach service, which will carry out the task, you will receive all items of any value, including weapons, armor and resources that the booster will be able to obtain in the process of leveling up your hero.

Quests of all types


WoW has always been built on a quest system that covers key updates so that the player can fully understand the entire gameplay by following essentially step-by-step instructions from the game developers at Blizzard.

Everyone learns how to use skills, correctly collect resources, and get boosts in WoW Cataclysm.

Story tasks will follow one after another until you develop your hero to sufficient levels to move away from the system of step-by-step tasks and move on to freely regulating the growth of your character’s levels.

Story quests are the most profitable, and you don’t need to figure out their effectiveness on your own, because the developers from Blizzard have already done everything.

Things get more complicated with additional tasks.

If you are careful, you will notice that there are quite a lot of NPCs throughout Azeroth who are ready to offer you quests in exchange for gold, experience, or resources, but you need to carefully look at the reward and completion conditions so as not to engage in useless quests and waste time without that limited gaming session.

Try to find quests that take place in the same location as the story ones, but most likely require killing other monsters.


wow cataclysm Grind

You can simply go hunting against monsters that suit your level, and if you don’t know where to look, then quests will tell you the location, because they always lead you to profitable, or at least relevant, locations.

Just determine that the monsters are not higher by 5 and not lower by the same value from your level. This is important because it affects the experience gain rate and the chance of dropping a valuable item.

Stronger monsters will cause increased damage and will not provide experience and rewards, which is not beneficial for WoW classic boosting.

Grind will also be useful because, unlike quests, you will receive not only what is specified in the conditions for the task, but also valuable resources that can be used for various crafts, or simply sell them to other artisans.

Please note two important points:

  • Your game class affects the quality of the grind, and if you cannot inflict strong damage on single targets or a group of monsters without serious costs of resources and health, then the single grind format is not suitable for you.
  • Remember that WoW Cataclysm is still a PVP project and at any location you can meet a representative of the enemy faction who can attack you. If you win, you will receive medals of valor, and if you lose, you will fly to your body as a spirit.

You can always hunt monsters as part of a group, and then you will receive natural protection and greater potential for getting WoW classic leveling.

The fact is that a group that has a tank, a healer and good attacking heroes can destroy more enemies in one hour than a single player with a noticeable weapon boost, and this is even provided that experience and gold are divided among all members of such a group.


Despite the fact that raids are primarily about hunting unique monsters – bosses with improved rewards and increased experience if successful.

You will also need a full-fledged group, but with an emphasis on single damage, mainly of the physical type, because warriors with the rage skill, hunters and other classes often deal a lot of damage, but mages and other players cope well with other tasks.

Raids are divided by difficulty level, so pay close attention to the boss mechanics and remember the main attacks and countermeasures, because in the future the hints will disappear, and you will be left alone in a Heroic raid, fighting for legendary equipment and weapons, and then every blow will be important.

The longer the battle goes on, the more difficult it is to keep the boss from destroying the entire battle group.


wow cataclysm goblin and worgen

Boosting in World of Warcraft Classic Cataclysm is a full-fledged boosting of the hero with the collection of all valuable items that the booster can find and all the trophies will remain for your hero as a bonus.

The principle of boosting is simple – select the required level, pay and transfer your account.

Platforms offering these services guarantee you the safety of all data, anonymity and security, and when the upgrade is completed you will receive a notification.

When you check the result and confirm it, immediately change your password, because from that moment responsibility for the account returns to its owner.

The boosting process itself is quite safe and by installing a good VPN, you can hide the new login location to your account and nothing will change for the game administration, and you will receive a full boost to Cataclysm.

Upgrading will be carried out by internal employees and no outsiders will be involved, and the service is financially responsible for the quality of the service.

You will see the status of the order and its progress on these types of websites, and all tasks will be completed within the specified time frame.