US Army Introduces Revolutionary Army Greens Uniform – A Game-Changer for Soldiers

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US Army Introduces Revolutionary Army Greens Uniform
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As winter winds blow across the capital, changes are in the air for America’s fighting men and women. From the Pentagon comes word the iconic olive drab of decades past will again be seen on garrison grounds nationwide, as the Army Greens make a celebrated return.

Base talk is that the storied uniform of “The Greatest Generation” will reclaim its place as the day-to-day duty wear, worn with equal measures of pride and purpose. At the same time, leaders are ensuring history remains honored by preserving the distinguished Army Blues for the ceremony.

Out in the field, combat camouflage will rightfully continue its life-saving role. Only time will tell if this fashion flashback rekindles esprit de corps, yet one thing is for certain – any outfit shielding soldiers from the elements while filling their hearts with heritage is a uniform well worth wearing.

Among the voices most enthusiastic about this return to tradition is Major General Randy Taylor, the senior officer presiding over Aberdeen Proving Ground. As head of the Army’s communications electronics team, the General knows well that victory in today’s conflicts depends as much upon technology and talent as any field tactic.

Yet in a time when fewer American youth meet entry standards or feel the call to service, he hopes heritage can serve a higher purpose. The General believes the classic Army Greens having inspired past generations to step forward may yet summon new patriots to today’s colors.

Only time will tell if evoking histories of honor, duty, and sacrifice can once more stir noble spirits to uplift their nation in its hour of need. But if classic cuts and proud threads can plant only a single seed of service, the General wager this uniform upgrade will have paid its weight in gold.

“We believe this uniform – and its powerful identification with the “Greatest Generation” of World War II – will inspire Soldiers and enhance esprit de corps.”

The uniform will be cost-neutral for enlisted Soldiers, who will be able to purchase them with their annual clothing allowance. Female Soldiers will have the option to wear versions with a skirt or pants, and will also have additional shoe options.

The Army Greens will be fielded to Soldiers reporting to their first units as early as the summer of 2020. The mandatory wear date for all Soldiers will be 2028.

The new uniform will come at no additional cost to the American taxpayer. It will be made in the USA.

The Way Ahead

the Greens uniform to new Soldiers

The Army leadership has devoted careful discussion to honoring tradition while meeting today’s needs. A phased rollout of the Greens is planned, with new recruits first offered the option starting next summer season. This allows an organic adoption while maintaining operational readiness. A longer-term target of full transition by 2028 also gives time for production and allocation across all ranks.

Is This New Uniform Historically Accurate?

This uniform is one of the most admired and recognizable uniforms in the Army’s history. The reintroduction of this uniform is meant to inspire trust and confidence in our Soldiers’ professionalism and readiness.

Will There Be a Difference Between the Men’s and Women’s Uniforms?

difference between the men’s and women’s uniforms

No. The uniform will be tailored for each individual soldier. Female Soldiers, however, will have the option to wear versions with a skirt or pants, and will also have additional shoe options.

Why Does the Army Need a New Uniform?

Amongst the branches, differences exist in their approaches to attire and ceremonies. Currently, the Army stands alone in lacking a daily outfit distinct from formal dress. But soon their ranks will catch up, as leadership designated the heritage-steeped Greens for ordinary duties and the stalwart Blues for special occasions.

Such an organization aims to uplift troop morale on the job while preserving traditional off-hours. The Army and Air Force each have one dress uniform, the Marine Corps has two dress uniforms, and the Navy has three dress uniforms.

Army Greens Aim to Inspire New Recruits

The Army seeks to honor those who came before, while inspiring the next waves of heroes. By harkening back to a uniform woven into America’s greatest trials, they hope both new recruits and veterans alike can find belonging.

Major General Randy Taylor believes that the uniform could help attract more recruits. This is significant because less than 4% of American youth are currently interested in joining the military. The uniform and other memorabilia are more than just clothing or keepsakes; they represent service and sacrifice, values that are highly regarded by veterans.

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Veterans often mention the pride and unity that come with wearing a uniform. The Army Greens could bring back these feelings for older veterans and inspire new recruits. For veterans, seeing the iconic uniform can be a strong reminder of their service and sacrifices.

The Army made sure that the uniform would be available to all soldiers at no extra cost. Veterans groups, who often talk about the financial challenges service members face, would likely see this as a positive step.

Feedback on the change has been mixed, but the Army made sure to include diverse opinions in its decision-making process. The Army Uniform Board featured the first all-female uniform board to ensure the new design is inclusive and practical for all soldiers, which may resonate well with women veterans.

Overall, bringing back the “Army Greens” aims to connect different generations of soldiers. For veterans, this isn’t just an aesthetic change; it’s a meaningful acknowledgment of their service and an effort to carry their legacy forward.

How Much Will This New Uniform Cost the Soldier?

The new Army Greens uniform will not cost enlisted soldiers any additional money out of pocket. The military understands that uniforms need to be durable yet affordable. They’ve designed the Greens to last longer than previous uniforms – about six years compared to the normal four or five years.

What Is the Total Cost to The Army?

This new uniform will have no additional cost to the American taxpayer or enlisted Soldier. We are purchasing a higher-quality uniform with a longer service life and we are executing a longer phase-in period to remain cost neutral.

What Is Going to Happen with The Current Army Service Uniform (ASU)?

The current Blue Army Service Uniform (ASU) will revert to the formal Army Dress uniform.

The Bottom Line

The U.S. Army is bringing back the classic “Army Greens” uniform from World War II as the new daily uniform for soldiers. This move is intended to boost recruitment and honor veterans by connecting today’s soldiers with those from the past.