Top 11 Post-Purchase Customer Experience Tools to Try in 2024

Top 11 Post-Purchase Customer Experience Tools to Try in 2024

In the fast-paced world of eCommerce, the journey doesn’t end at checkout. The post-purchase experience is a critical phase where businesses have the opportunity to solidify customer loyalty, encourage repeat purchases, and minimize returns.

As we step into 2024, leveraging the right tools to enhance this phase is more important than ever. Here’s a rundown of the top 11 post-purchase customer experience tools that are making waves in the industry.

WISMO: Revolutionizing Post-Purchase Experience


WISMO stands out as a transformative force in the e-commerce landscape, dedicated to elevating the post-purchase experience to unprecedented heights. This platform is ingeniously designed for e-commerce retailers who aim to drive more revenue, increase Lifetime Value (LTV), and significantly reduce support costs through a tailored, customized post-purchase experience and profitable e-commerce returns. It excels in generating revenue, enhancing brand loyalty, and turning returns into lucrative opportunities, all while keeping customers constantly engaged and cutting churn.

At the heart of WISMO is its commitment to leveraging data for smarter growth, mastering the post-purchase experience with a suite of tools that are customizable by design to make your brand stand out. From a fully customizable branded tracking page that educates and builds loyalty, to eCommerce returns automation and personalized marketing that segments customers for targeted engagement, it offers a comprehensive solution.

Shipping notifications, powerful analytics, and logistics transparency ensure that every step of the order journey is communicated effectively, reducing its calls and resolving shipment incidents swiftly.

ClickPost: A Global Shipping and Logistics Behemoth


ClickPost is not just another name in the logistics arena; it’s a leading international shipping and logistics intelligence platform that operates in over 250 countries. With its integration with more than 150 courier companies and major online storefronts like Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce, ClickPost offers a comprehensive solution for order creation, management, and tracking.

This platform is a boon for medium to large enterprises looking for robust post-purchase customer experience software that can handle returns efficiently, provide round-the-clock customer support, and offer a user-friendly tracking and complaint registration portal.

ShipStation: Streamlining eCommerce Fulfillment


ShipStation stands out as a shipping software designed specifically for eCommerce fulfillment. Integrated with more than 50 shipping companies and over 40 online selling channels, ShipStation simplifies the order fulfillment process for online retailers.

Whether you’re a small business or a growing enterprise, ShipStation’s ability to process, fulfill, and ship orders efficiently makes it a go-to solution for businesses aiming to enhance their post-purchase customer experience.

MetaPack: Leading the Delivery Management Software Pack


MetaPack offers a delivery management solution that’s hard to beat. With a vast network of logistics companies and delivery service providers at its disposal, MetaPack is known for its lightning-fast delivery services and real-time tracking capabilities.

This platform is a favorite among European retailers, thanks to its integration with over 400 logistics companies worldwide, making it a top choice for businesses looking to improve their post-purchase customer experience with speed and efficiency.

Narvar: Enhancing Shipping Experiences


Narvar is a powerhouse in logistics and post-purchase management, serving more than 800 companies across 38 countries. This software application excels in improving shipping experiences and enhancing post-purchase order experiences through custom-branded tracking pages and timely notifications.

Narvar’s platform processes over 7 billion interactions per year, making it a critical tool for businesses focused on transparent delivery costs, date estimates, and a seamless return process.

Shippo: The Logistics Management Maverick


Shippo offers a range of logistics management services, including rate comparison, access to shipping discounts, and custom-branded order tracking pages. With integration with more than 60 shipping companies worldwide, Shippo caters to the needs of over 100,000 partner brands, processing $5.2 billion worth of orders annually. This platform is a testament to how streamlined shipping processes can significantly enhance the post-purchase customer experience.

AfterShip: The Tracking Titan


AfterShip is a logistics company that partners with over 877 carriers to provide comprehensive shipping and tracking services. Known for its multi-carrier tracking, returns management, and shipping API integrations, AfterShip processes about 6 billion packages every year.

Its Estimated Delivery Date (EDD) feature and branded tracking pages are just a few examples of how AfterShip contributes to a superior post-purchase customer experience.

Easyship: Simplifying Global Shipping


EasyShip is a shipping and logistics solution that stands out for its quick deliveries from 50+ warehouses worldwide. Offering transparent pricing and easy integrations with various platforms, EasyShip serves entrepreneurs in over 220 countries. Its commitment to reducing delivery times and costs, coupled with 24/7 customer support, makes EasyShip a valuable tool for enhancing the post-purchase experience.

Convey: Solving Last-Mile Delivery Challenges


Convey focuses on solving the complexities of last-mile delivery, a critical aspect of the post-purchase experience. Founded in 2013, Convey offers predictive delivery dates and a branded tracking experience, helping businesses manage customer expectations and enhance satisfaction.

Its Automated Appointment Scheduling tool is a game-changer for scheduling pickups and drop-offs, making Convey a key player in improving post-purchase experiences.

WeSupply Labs: A Proactive Post-Purchase Strategist

WeSupply Labs

WeSupply Labs is a cloud-based SaaS platform that aims to revolutionize the post-purchase experience with proactive shipping strategies and an omnichannel approach. From in-store and curbside pickups to a solid RMA and Returns management system, WeSupply Labs understands customer pain points in eCommerce shipping and offers innovative solutions to address them.

ParcelPerform: AI-Driven Delivery Management


ParcelPerform simplifies the shipping process with its AI-driven customer journey and delivery management software. Pre-integrated with 700+ carriers for easy worldwide shipping, ParcelPerform allows online retailers to view order updates across multiple carriers in a single window. Its data-driven logistics and personalized tracking features make ParcelPerform a standout tool for enhancing the post-purchase customer experience.

In conclusion, as eCommerce continues to evolve, so does the importance of a seamless post-purchase experience. The tools listed above are at the forefront of innovation, offering solutions that not only meet but exceed customer expectations. By leveraging these platforms, businesses can ensure that their post-purchase experience is as compelling as the shopping journey itself, fostering loyalty and driving repeat business in 2024 and beyond.