APG 100: APG’s proud history, bright future in Harford County

Barry Glassman, Harford County Executive

Aberdeen Proving Ground is a cornerstone of the Harford County community, and our histories are closely intertwined. In fact, the seal of county government features a hand with a sword representing APG’s vital role in the defense of our nation. As the county’s largest employer, APG has also touched the life of nearly every Harford County citizen, including my own.

My mother worked at APG and her name, Ella Glassman, may be familiar to many of her fellow retirees. Serving as a property book officer, she signed the necessary paperwork whenever they were issued a typewriter, camera, or other property during her 30-year tenure. Times have changed, and so has APG.

Originally established to design and test ordnance, APG was formed as the U.S. entered WWI. Since then, it has evolved into a premier science and technical hub for research, development, and testing, employing 21,000 military and civilian professionals in critical fields including communications, electronics, network integration, chemistry, biology, public health and cybersecurity.

Throughout this evolution, Harford County government’s support has remained a constant. By forming the Chesapeake Science & Security Corridor, we helped unify regional support for APG before, during, and beyond BRAC 2005. More recently, my administration has moved the Harford County Office of Economic Development closer to the Aberdeen gate, helping us work together on job creation and economic growth opportunities.

Clearly, APG has a proud history and a bright future in Harford County. On behalf of county government and our citizens, I am honored to congratulate APG on its first 100 years.

Barry Glassman, Harford County Executive