Next Generation Fires System

Sgt. Nathaniel Shaver trains on the Precision Fires-Dismounted system, a software application hosted on the Nett Warrior End User Device. Soldiers view live-stream full-motion video from unmanned aerial vehicles via the smartphone. They access 3D digital maps to send precision target coordinates. Soldiers are relying on these advanced technologies to improve lethality and maintain battlefield dominance.

These are among the improvements that will be embedded in future fire-support capabilities.

The Army has started testing four upgraded systems for its Field Artillery units to provide more accurate and timely fire support to maneuver formations. Fielding is scheduled to begin in fall 2017.

Nineteen Soldiers from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, recently completed three weeks of classroom and field training and assessments at Fort Sill. They are the first group of Soldiers to place the fire mission systems through rigorous testing.

U.S. Army photo by Dan Lafontaine, PEO C3T

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