Taking initiative to save a life

APG employee Ashley Foots practices CPR at a recent class given by the APG Fire Department at the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute on APG South (Edgewood). Classes are held monthly throughout the year. For more information, call 410-306-0566. U.S. Army photo by Lauren Finnegan, APG News.

APG fire department offers free monthly CPR classes

One New Year’s resolution that benefits not only the individual but everyone he or she comes into contact with is learning CPR. Luckily for Team APG, you don’t have to go far to learn this life saving skill. The APG Directorate of Emergency Services fire department offers free monthly CPR classes on post.

Starting Jan. 19, and continuing throughout the year, the fire department will teach participants how to handle a life threatening emergency through the use of CPR and an automated external defibrillator, or AED. Successful participants can earn a two-year certification at the end of the three hour course, which is taught by trained professionals.

APG has trained the public in CPR and the use of the AED since 1996, which has resulted in a resuscitation rate seven times the national average. The installation has also had three people survive medical emergencies because bystanders— properly trained in CPR— took the initiative to start the resuscitation process before emergency personnel arrived.

According to Assistant Chief of EMS Michael Slayman, the most important thing individuals can do during an emergency is take action.

“There is stuff that is going to happen to people [in emergency situations], and you’re not going to change the outcome,” Slayman said. “But you have to take the initiative. When you do take the initiative, you’ve done everything you possibly can to change the outcome.”

Attending one of the post CPR classes is one way to take that initiative.

Slayman and other DES emergency responders conduct the classes, offered twice a day, 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month. Classes rotate between APG North (Aberdeen) and APG South (Edgewood).

CPR Class Schedule

Classes taking place Jan. 19, Mar. 16, May 18, Jul. 20, Sep. 21, and Nov. 16 will be held at the Mission Training Facility (MTF), Mallette Hall, 6008 Jayhawk Rd.

Classes held on Feb. 16, Apr. 20, Jun. 15, Aug. 17, Oct. 19, and Dec. 21 will be at the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute on APG South (Edgewood), located at 6700 Fairview Point Rd.

For more information, contact Slayman at 410-306-0566.

Story by Lauren Finnegan, APG News