Street address changes underway at APG

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For APG to meet mailing and emergency services mandates, the process to update the U.S. Postal Service mailing addresses for Team APG residents, Soldiers and employees is currently underway.

This change was mandated by the Assistant Secretary of Defense to convert all U.S. Army installations serviced by USPS to standardize street addresses. The new street addresses will make it easier for 911 emergency responders to find specific locations on post.

The new numbering system was developed by the APG Directorate of Public Works Master Planning Division and the DPW Geographic Information System team based on a grid/quadrant system for the entire installation.

Revisions to some street names were required to eliminate duplicate street names within the Harford County 911 system which, if not corrected, could result in emergency services vehicles being sent to the wrong location. The new and revised street names, suggested by DPW personnel and decided upon by Garrison leadership, pay tribute to 100 years of mission-related activity at APG and the region’s history.

The housing areas on APG were the first locations on post to change to the new street addresses, with the cantonment and range areas now to follow.

New addresses, change of address for APG on-post housing

As of June 3, the new USPS mailing addresses on APG North (Aberdeen) and APG South (Edgewood) housing areas are in effect. Signs in the housing areas have black backgrounds with white lettering, maintaining the more traditional aesthetic in those neighborhoods.

Mail will be delivered to both old and new addresses for one year when residents complete the official change of address form. Change of address forms can be filled out in-person at the post office, free of charge. There is a $1 charge to complete the form online.

USPS and APG Corvias Military Living have been given updated maps of APG with the new addresses to help coordinate the new address information.

Residents’ new and old mailing addresses will reside in the USPS Address Management System, or AMS, which is used to also update mailing organizations and shipping companies. These companies update their own systems randomly, at their own pace. To expedite the process, the APG GIS team has been contacting Comcast, Verizon, MVA and other typical organizations to help with the address database change process for APG residents.

New addresses for Army lodging, APG workplaces

The DPW contractor is currently working to install new street intersection posts and signs in the APG South cantonment area. Upon completion of the APG South cantonment and range area, the contractor will transition its work crews to the APG North cantonment and range areas. Signs in these areas will have green backgrounds with white lettering.

The approximate time frame for the APG North and APG South cantonment and range areas to update their mailing address will be August-September 2017.

The APG Garrison will soon inform each tenant organization of its new USPS mailing address and provide further instructions.

Employees should note that when the APG Garrison Directorate of Human Resources processes and delivers mail, information in Outlook, or the DOD Global Address List (GAL) is used, as needed, to confirm employee location. Employees are encouraged to update their information in GAL to expedite mail processing.

Questions about the street address and signage project, please contact Stevan Band at 410-306-1158, email or (GIS Info.) Douglas Evans at 410-306-1168, email Updates will be published in the APG News, and posted to the APG Facebook page as they become available.

By APG Directorate of Public Works

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