Shadow or no shadow, groundhogs signal Spring at APG

Arguably the country’s most famous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, will come out of his hole tomorrow, Feb. 2, in nearby Pennsylvania. If he sees his shadow, tradition says there will be six more weeks of winter; no shadow, and we’re in for an early spring.

Whether or not you’ve seen their shadow, you’ve definitely seen a groundhog or two (or more) scurry across a grass field at APG. Though APG resident groundhogs likely won’t awake from hibernation until later this month, they still point toward Spring’s arrival in Maryland. Groundhogs have called the land at APG home longer than the U.S. Army — likely infuriating the farmers who cultivated fields here before 1917. They even made quite a name for themselves; before the APG News, the post newspaper was called the Aberdeen Proving Groundhog!

Today, they continue to enjoy the large swaths of grass fields across the proving ground, providing them ample habitat. That habitat also provides them plenty of food sources, so APG personnel are reminded to never feed wildlife.


APG News file photo