Will there be a snow day?

Where to go for winter weather updates

There are two kinds of people in this world:

  1. Those who sleep with their pajamas inside out in hopes of a big snow storm, and
  2. Those who wish they could hibernate until Spring arrives.

Regardless of which category you fall into, you need to know where to go for winter weather updates and the installation’s operating status.

Where to go for information

When winter weather is in the forecast, Team APG can go to the following sources for information related to the possible closure or delay of the installation:

  • APG Facebook – This is one of the first places information will be posted. Follow us at www.facebook.com/APGMd.
  • APG Twitter – As soon as information is posted to Facebook, a short announcement is also posted to the APG Twitter. Follow us at www.twitter.com/usagapg.
  • APG Snow Line – Installation personnel can call 1-410-278-SNOW (7669) to hear an automated recording of the current installation operating status.
  • AtHoc – Before winter weather strikes, installation personnel can add their personal email or phone number to the AtHoc mass notification system to receive text messages, phone calls, or emails about destructive weather events.

How to sign up for AtHoc

Individuals can sign up for AtHoc at their work computer, by clicking the purple globe icon on the bottom right tool bar called “Aberdeen Proving Ground MWN [Powered by AtHoc].” For more information about AtHoc or assistance with signing up, call AtHoc administrator Richard Rivera at 410-278-4337.

Who decides if APG is open or closed?

The APG Senior Commander makes the ultimate call to maintain normal operations, delay the opening of, close early, or close the installation. He is advised by the APG Destructive Weather Working Group, which begins planning for weather events up to 72 hours in advance of the first forecasted snowflakes. Read more about how the installation prepares for winter weather and makes operational status decisions here: http://apgnews.com/community-news/news/apg-destructive-weather-working-group-plans-snow-ice-days-advance/