Total Army Cyber Summit

The Total Army Cyber Summit is a periodic event hosted by U.S. Army Cyber Command designed to increase Army cyber readiness by developing trained and ready U.S. Army Reserve and Army National Guard cyber forces and address how the Army will integrate its Reserve component cyber teams into the DOD joint cyber mission force.

The Army is building 62 cyber teams across its total force and executing critical cyberspace missions in support of Army, combatant command and joint requirements. The Total Army Cyber Summits bring Army cyber leaders together to share information on the capability and capacity of active and Reserve component cyber forces, to collaborate on common goals and standards, and to scout the way ahead for manning, training, equipping and employing reserve component Soldiers in cyberspace alongside active Army and joint forces.

The Army is on track to have all its teams fully operational on schedule, while still performing key defensive and offensive cyberspace operations. The active component’s teams have been built. Reserve component teams are already conducting critical cyberspace missions and will reach their full operating capability by 2024.

U.S. Army Cyber Command