Signs, barricades and flags warn of bald eagle nests

ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. – APG motorists, pedestrians and hunters are reminded to respect road barricades, signs and flagging that mark access restrictions into some bald eagle nest areas.

At the start of each nesting season on Dec. 15, the DPW Environmental Division places a limited number of road barricades to restrict access into some nest areas. These barricades are generally limited to small access roads that pass very close to the nest tree.

As a trial effort to keep more hunting areas open during nesting season, signs and yellow flagging have also been posted about 200 yards from eagle nest trees in hunting areas 400A, 404, 405, 487, 488, 489A, 489B, 489C, 489D, and 498. Hunters are asked not to intrude past these markers into nest areas. If the trial continues to be successful, then it may be applied to more areas next season. For more information, contact Lynda Hartzell at 410-436-0465.

Read about APG’s efforts to protect its growing bald eagle population in “Monitoring Bald Eagles.

DPW Environmental Division