Corvias reminds residents of housing policies related to trash containers, pets

Stock photo courtesy of Pixabay

Corvias Military Living residents are reminded to place their trash containers out on the curb after 6 p.m. on the evening before the regularly scheduled pick up day. On the pick up day, containers must be cleared from the curb area no later than 6 p.m. Trash containers must be emptied and stored in the rear yard or garage. The replacement fee for trash or recycling containers is $65.

Also, residents are asked to not place trash or recyclable materials on patios, porches or any common areas, interior or exterior.

Pet owners are also reminded to pick up after their pet. Corvias has a mandatory “poop and scoop” policy that requires the immediate removal of pet waste from yards, common areas and grounds in the community.

Residents who violate these policies will be sent a violation letter, or will receive a phone call. For more information, consult the Corvias Resident Responsibility Guide, available at the Corvias’ Community Center, or call 410-305-1076.


By Rachel Ponder, APG News