APG to enforce penalty points for driving infractions

Stock photo courtesy of Edward Kimmel

Effective Jan. 2, 2018, penalty points will be imposed for driving infractions under APGR 190-5 and AR 190-5; Maryland State driving laws will remain effective.

Federal employees working/driving on APG Installation are subject to both Maryland State Driving Laws as well as APG and Army driving regulations.  Driving rules on APG Installation are separate from Maryland State laws and individuals could lose their driving privileges on APG Installation, but not their state driving privileges.

For example, driving past a formation on APG Installation will result in the automatic loss of APG driving privileges for 15 days (for first offense).

The senior installation commander or his designate consider the loss or reinstatement of APG driving privileges based upon points; 12 points imposed during one-year period or 18 points imposed in a 24-month period.