Former Bel Air eatery opens on APG

The former Bel Air restaurant McShane's is the newest food option at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland.

ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. – Within moments after meeting Dan McShane and his wife Marcia, owners of McShane’s Gourmet, the new eatery on post, it becomes clear that they are passionate about what they do.

One afternoon a few weeks before their debut on APG, the pair were busy putting the final touches on their location in Bldg. 6010 on the C4ISR campus in order to open as soon as possible, because as Dan McShane put it, “I’m ready to open. I just want to serve food.”

If even a drop of the passion they have for their restaurant makes it into their food, then this place is going to be a hit.

After putting in the paperwork to open a McShane’s onAPGthree years ago and not hearing back, the couple continued growing their successful location in Bel Air while completely forgetting about what they thought was a lost opportunity. As fate would have it, however, just as problems with their building management were forcing them to look at other options for the restaurant, APG came calling.

“In March, when we got the email asking if we were still interested in the 6010 building, it was like the stars were finally aligning,” Dan McShane said.

“We’ve been waiting a long time for this opportunity.”

Now open for business, McShane’s serves the community from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m, with breakfast and lunch options.

Breakfast options

Some of their breakfast options include the Captain’s Wrap, a wheat wrap loaded with lump crabmeat, eggs, grilled chicken, cheddar, tomato, and old bay seasoning, as well as breakfast bowls which include two scrambled eggs mixed with a variety of toppings. Freshly brewed coffee from Baltimore Coffee and Tea in Timonium will also be available for purchase.

Lunch options

Their lunch options consist of everything from soups and salads, to pulled pork sandwiches. Their “Triple Play Combo,” includes the choice of a panini, wrap, sandwich, or salad with any one of their 15 sides and a drink.

The couple said they’re positive that whatever a customer’s taste, they will be able to find it at McShane’s.

“Our whole mindset is every item, every bite. When we create the menus, we want to make sure that everything goes really well together. If it doesn’t wow us, it’s not going on the menu,” Dan McShane said.

Some of the options that he thinks will wow customers include their Jersey shore fries which are lightly battered and can be customized at a station set up with Old Bay seasoning, Cajun spice, malt vinegar and other toppings, as well as their corned beef or turkey Reubens.

Quick service

Besides quality, the couple knows that people also want their lunch quickly. With that in mind, they have been working hard to tailor their menu and service to the quality and speed that they know professionals are looking for. That’s why McShane’s offers a pre-order lunch option.

Customers will be able to stop in between 7 a.m. and10 a.m. to order and pay for their lunch before the rush hits. At their specified pickup time, those customers will be able to stroll right over to the prepaid counter and breeze pass the line eliminating the problem of wasting half of a lunch hour ordering food.

Though the restaurant works diligently to fulfill orders in a timely manner, Dan McShane said he wants to make it clear that, “no matter what we do, we are not sacrificing quality. We are not sacrificing service.”

That commitment extends to their catering service as well, which they offer for all APG events.

Besides great food, the couple credits great service for the reason why they have been so successful in such a tough business.

Marcia McShane said, “its always about the people.”

Dan McShane added, “We are going to do everything we can to make our service what they need, with the speed, with the quality of the food… They [the APG community] deserves this.”

The couple said they hope to bring the same personal service and quality that they brought to the Bel Air community to APG, and to gain a new family in the process.


Story by Lauren Finnegan, APG News