CECOM senior NCO sees no end to service to the nation

Command Sgt. Maj. Matthew McCoy, U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command, left, greets CECOM Assistant Chief of Staff, G3, Sgt. Maj. Adrian Borel during a recent Motorcycle Safety Awareness event at Aberdeen Proving Ground Maryland. | U.S. Army Photo by Mary Grimes, CECOM

Since he was 17 years old, Sgt. Maj. Adrian Borel, CECOM assistant chief of staff, G3, has proudly defended the nation and the United States Constitution.

A native of Louisiana, Borel entered the Army in 1989. He attended basic combat training at Fort Dix, New Jersey and Advanced Individual Training for Signal Support Systems Specialist at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Borel has been stationed at Fort Knox, Kentucky; Fort Hood, Texas; Fort Jackson, South Carolina; and Fort Polk, Louisiana; and as the G3 & G6 sergeant major at Camp Zama, Japan with the U.S. Army Japan & I CORPS (Forward).

While his assignment locations may read like a laundry list, Borel said he still looks forward to supporting the warfighter readiness effort.

“I have humbly served our nation for the past 28 plus years and will continue to do so until my retirement from the United States Army in a couple of years and well beyond,” he said.

He added that love for his family helped in his decision to choose to serve in the U.S. Army.

“I initially and continue to serve not only because the United States is perceived as the greatest nation on earth, but because it is my home, my country and the land of my ancestors, Borel said. “The foundation and ideals of which this country is built – the U.S. Constitution – is worth all the blood, sweat and tears that every service member willingly endures on a daily basis, and that’s to include the laying down of our lives in defense of that document and ideal if need be.”

Borel said that he has, like so many others, enjoyed the ups, and endured the downs of his service. Regarding his downtime away from the demands of the uniform, he said, “I’ve had the opportunity to pursue leisure interests and likes away from the profession, such as sporting activities that include horseback and motorcycle riding. There truly is nothing more relaxing and therapeutic than the open road, where it’s just you, your bike and nature, or a peaceful horseback ride with family and friends.”

Reflecting on his personal life, Borel said, “I met and married my late lovely wife of 24 years, Avalon D. Borel, at my first military duty station — Fort Ord, California in 1990. We were blessed [to bring] into this world three beautiful and healthy children, Jordyn, Adrian II and Kennedy. Ava herself was a combat medic Soldier who served our Army and nation faithfully for almost 10 years.”

Outside of his military duties, CECOM Assistant Chief of Staff, G3 Sgt. Maj. Adrian Borel says he enjoys nature, horseback riding and motorcycling. | U.S. Army Photo by Mary Grimes, CECOM

Moving forward, Borel spoke about his career and his journey thus far.

“The United States Army has provided me and my family the opportunity to not only serve our nation, our communities on multiple levels, but to travel the world and attain an educational experience that simply can’t be taught in a classroom,” he said. “I truly am looking forward to what the future brings, both personally and professionally.

Borel is a self-described “newlywed for the second time in my life,” having just recently wed Master Sgt. Kim Borel who is enrolled in Class 68 of the U.S. Army Sergeants Major Academy.

“Service to community and the nation is just something that has been engrained into our fabric, which only aids to strengthen the love that we share for each other,” Borel said. “It truly has been and continues to be my honor to don the U.S. Army uniform, and to serve with countless numbers of others who truly love this country.”

By Mary Grimes, Communications-Electronics Command