Tech Expo displays latest innovations

Vendor Katie Davis, an IT reseller for Connections, tries out virtual reality technology from HP at the Aberdeen Proving Ground Fall Technology Expo, held at the base Wednesday, Oct. 11.

Representatives from more than 85 companies displayed the latest in technology and innovations at Aberdeen Proving Ground during the installation’s Fall Technology Expo at the APG North, (Aberdeen) recreation center, Oct. 11, 2017.

Produced by Federal Direct Access Expositions and presented by the Edgewood Chemical Biological Center’s Chief Information Office and The Product Lead, Common Hardware Systems, the bi-annual expo gives vendors the opportunity to showcase new technologies and innovations to the APG community.

“It really benefits the research, development, testing and engineering community by bringing in all the vendors to one location for their convenicne,” said Mary McCully, a subject matter expert for ECBC’s CIO office. “They don’t have to travel all over the place to find the latest technology.”

Donna Flemister, of Federal Direct Access, said the expo allows for more military members to see what’s new and different in the technology field.

For vendors, the expo gives them a chance to maintain brand awareness.

“I think it’s important just to get in front of all the customers and get your product out where people can actually see them,” said Theresa Tuskey, a business development executive for Ameripack, a custom case manufactuer. “If they don’t know about you, they’re not just going to find you online randomly.”

Fall Tech Expo, Oct. 11, 2017

Hewlett-Packard had its ZVR Backpack available for people to try out. The product, which was announced in August and will start shipping in November, allows for complete mobility in the virtual reality experience. The headset is tethered to a backpack, instead of a laptop or desktop computer.

Scott Shiffert, a federal salesman for HP, said he hopes the product will make its way to APG and he wanted to bring it to the expo to show its value. He said it could be used for medical situations and asset maintenance.

“It’s important to try to get out to the war fighers and support staff,” he said.

Aleeyah Hopkins, who works in cybersecurity at the U.S. Army Communciations-Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center, said she learned a lot from checking out the vendors.

“You never know when you’re going to need a new technology and it’s always good to make connections,” she said. “You never know when you’re going to run into an issue and they can help you solve it.”

The next expo is scheduled for April 19, 2018 at the Mallette Training Facility on the C4ISR campus.

By Jon Bleiweis, APG News