Dedicated in selfless service to our Army

With the winter season and holiday celebrations upon us, Dianne and I want to take the opportunity to say thank you to the Soldiers, civilians, contractors and Families of Team APG for a job extremely well done.

Over this past year our “Trusted Professionals” have once again remained dedicated in selfless service to our Army and the great nation we are honored to defend. Our shared installation, Aberdeen Proving Ground, remains the “Home of Innovation and Opportunity” because of each and every one of you.

As your senior commander, it’s been the absolute highest privilege to lead this team. Every day, I’m humbled to witness the talent, dedication and indelible spirit brought to the critical missions that support our operational Army and joint force comrades. I cannot repeat myself enough when I say that what you do truly makes a difference for those living and working at the tip of the spear—our warfighters.

I encourage you to take some time to enjoy the season’s festivities and reflect on the great work APG has accomplished during 2016. I ask you to humbly take pause and remember your brothers and sisters-in-arms (military and civilian), those currently serving in harm’s way, who cannot be with their Families over the holidays.

Please make every effort to look out for those in our community who might be alone or going through a difficult time. As an Army Family, it is part of our calling to be there for those who need an extra helping hand during this season of giving.

Safety remains vital during the winter season. It only takes a short time to make necessary risk assessments when traveling or outside enjoying the cold weather.

Finally, on behalf of the entire APG leadership team, I wish everyone the happiest of holidays and look forward to a wonderful New Year. Trusted Professionals Always, Army Strong!

Very respectfully,

Maj. Gen. Bruce T. Crawford, APG Senior Commander