APG standardizes street names, addresses

In order for Aberdeen Proving Ground to meet both mailing and emergency services mandates, Team APG residents, Soldiers and employees can expect their mailing address to change sometime between January and June 2017. | U.S. Army photo

ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. – In order for the proving ground to meet both mailing and emergency services mandates, Team APG residents, Soldiers and employees can expect their mailing address to change sometime between January and June 2017.

According to the garrison’s Directorate of Public Works, these changes will standardize addresses across the installation, making it easier for emergency service personnel to locate individuals in a time of need, and for mail to make its way to the intended destination faster.

In a complicated process that required the Installation to follow an address numbering grid established by the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) and 911 Emergency Services street naming mandates, approximately 73 street names will change, 63 new street names will be added and nearly every mailing address on the installation will change in a phased process during Fiscal Year 2017. The USPS address numbering grid will change the building’s address number even if the street name stays the same.

Revisions to street names are required to eliminate duplicate street names within the Harford County 911 system which, if not corrected, could result in emergency services vehicles being sent to the wrong location. The new and revised street names, suggested by DPW personnel and decided upon by garrison leadership, pay tribute to 100 years of mission-related activity at APG and the region’s history.

New street signs

David Spinazzola, DPW Sign Shop fabricator, has been working diligently to fabricate the new street signs that will be installed by a contractor starting in early November 2016. Signs in the housing areas will have black backgrounds with white lettering, maintaining the more traditional aesthetic in those neighborhoods, while all other signs on the installation will have green backgrounds with white lettering. The project will replace hundreds of signs and poles,

The process has been phased and planned to following these steps:

  1. Current street signage will be mounted on temporary posts.
  2. New posts and street signage will be installed and covered with opaque cover material to mask new street signage information.
  3. On-post residents will be notified, at the appropriate time, to start change-of-address process.
  4. New street signs will be unveiled in phases and the old street signage will be removed.

Phased approach

According to DPW Engineering Branch Project Manager Stevan Band, DPW Engineering & Construction Division, DPW will have the flexibility to control when the new street names will be unveiled thereby controlling when the new addresses will become official.

He said the goal of the DPW is to have overall control over the design, engineering, construction and unveiling of the new street signage to make sure the APG community is informed and are prepared for the new address changes that are forthcoming.

Construction work and the unveiling of the new street signage and associated address changes will be performed in the following order:

  1. APG South (Edgewood) housing areas
  2. APG North (Aberdeen) housing areas
  3. APG South cantonment areas
  4. APG North cantonment areas
  5. APG North and South range areas

For updates and info

DPW is working closely with Corvias Military Living at APG and USPS to communicate when residents should fill out change of address cards for their new official mailing address. For APG employees receiving official mail, updates are expected to be communicated through operations channels.

Questions about the street address and signage project can contact Stevan Band at 410-306-1158 or email stevan.s.band.civ@mail.mil. Updates will be published in the APG News, and posted to the APG Facebook page www.facebook.com/APGMd as they become available.

Story by Amanda Rominiecki, USAG APG